How Good is Clearbra * DAMAGE TEST*

Our friends at EVS Motors demonstrate how effective a clearbra is at preventing paint damage.

"Here's a little test we did to see what kind of damage clearbra can save your paint from and what kind of may not. Some variables I mentioned in the video that did affect the results are

1) the panel used is NOT an actual car panel which is way thicker and more durable than the panel I had
2) the rocks used were much bigger chunks than what you'll experience flying towards your car while driving

Definitely would like to revisit this test with an actual car hood when that becomes possible and simulate rock damage much more accurately.

Overall, I'm impressed with what kind of damage PPF/clearbra can take especially with the scuffs and scrapes. Keep in mind that clearbra is a SACRIFICIAL layer of protection. It's meant to get beaten up, so your paint hopefully won't have to."

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